What adjustments to a pregnant employee's working conditions or hours of work might an employer make?

Where a risk to a pregnant employee has been identified that cannot be avoided, the employer should consider making adjustments to their working conditions or hours of work. The potential adjustments will depend on what is reasonable in the circumstances and whether or not the adjustment would avoid the identified risk.

The adjustment could be a physical adjustment to the employee's working environment, for example to enable them to sit down while working; an adjustment to their working pattern, for example to enable them to take more frequent breaks; or a change to their duties, for example to avoid contact with hazardous materials. The employer should consider risks to the employee's mental health as well as their physical health, so should consider whether or not adjustments to the employee's workload are appropriate, for example a reduction in their targets.

Adjustments should be carried out in consultation with the employee and should be kept under review. The employer should take account of any advice from the employee's GP or midwife and any relevant factors, for example if the employee has a history of miscarriages.