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Details of selected new content that is due to be published on XpertHR, with expected month of publication.

December 2017

  • Core business salary survey

    This XpertHR's HR/Personnel Staff Salary Survey covers HR staff in generalist, employment relations, recruitment, reward and training roles.

  • Job evaluation survey

    Survey findings of employers' use of job evaluation schemes.

  • Pay trends

    Our review of pay awards in the three months to the end of November 2017.

  • Pay awards

    Data on the latest pay awards, searchable by industry sector.

  • Technology salary survey

    This XpertHR's market-leading Technology Salary Survey is published twice a year and covers all IT professional and managerial roles.

January 2018

  • Bereavement leave survey

    Survey on bereavement leave arrangements and how employers deal with bereaved employees.

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