Pay in technology roles is already feeling the impact of coronavirus

Pay for software developers, database administrators and other technology roles increased over the past 12 months but XpertHR's latest research shows that it is decelerating rapidly.

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is already being seen in the pay packets of technology professionals. The latest edition of the XpertHR Technology Salary Survey shows that average salaries increased by just over two percent in the 12 months to June 2020. Just six months ago the corresponding wage growth for incumbents was comfortably over three percent.

The latest XpertHR Technology Salary Survey allows employers with technology roles to make reward decisions with confidence, using data on 97,438 employees from 645 organisations. Subscribers get access to the pay data, pay trends reports and XpertHR's suite of online and offline reward analysis tools.

Headline findings from the survey show that basic pay for technology professionals grew at 2.1%, including bonuses. This represents a significant fall from our last published figures back in December 2019 when salaries and bonuses had increased by 3.4%. In December the employment environment was very different. COVID-19 was a distant noise on the horizon and employers were seemingly optimistic when it came to pay reviews, despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

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