Pay and benefits

Sheila Attwood Editor's message: The pay and benefits offered by an employer will be one of the key factors employees consider when looking for work. In turn, an organisation's payroll is likely to be its biggest expense. It is therefore vitally important that employers plan their pay and benefits offer carefully.

For organisations needing to review and benchmark pay rates, Cendex from XpertHR offers reward data on over one million UK employees across 25 different function groups, all located in a single platform, providing access to the most comprehensive reward data. XpertHR also provides easy access to inflation and other economic indicators to help inform pay decisions.

XpertHR also collects and analyses pay settlement data, and our latest analysis looks at how growth in the value of pay awards has now stabilised. Our annual review of pay awards provides an overview of pay settlement levels over the past year, looking at both basic pay awards and those based on a measure of performance. In addition, we regularly survey employers about their pay plans and forecasts to give subscribers an insight into what other employers are planning for the year ahead.

Sheila Attwood, managing editor, pay and HR practice

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