Employment tribunals and courts

Jeya Thiruchelvam

Editor's message: 2013 saw the introduction of employment tribunal fees. Claimants wishing to pursue a claim in the employment tribunal must pay a fee to issue a claim and a further fee if the claim proceeds to a final hearing. The level of fee payable depends on the nature and complexity of the claim.

Since the introduction of fees the number of claims being pursued has fallen dramatically. The Tribunal Service’s annual statistics show that the number of unfair dismissal claims fell from 49,036 in 2012/13 to 13,000 in 2015/16. The number of claims for redundancy pay fell from 12,748 to 3,845 in the same period.

In February 2017, the Ministry of Justice launched a database of online employment tribunal decisions in England, Wales and Scotland. Employment tribunal decisions were not previously available online.

Jeya Thiruchelvam, senior employment law editor

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