Podcast: Gender pay gap reporting for the public sector

We discuss the new duty on employers with 250 or more employees to report annually on their gender pay gap, and explore the differences between the requirements for the private and voluntary sectors and the public sector. In particular, we cover:

  • the legal framework that applies to the public sector;
  • whether or not casual workers, employees and self-employed contractors are covered;
  • what is, and is not, included when calculating pay;
  • what needs to be reported;
  • some of the circumstances in which publishing a narrative would be beneficial; and
  • the enforcement measures for employers that fail to comply.

In addition to listening to the audio, you can download the podcast transcript.

Presenter Susan Dennehy is joined by Nicky Green from law firm Capsticks. Edited and produced by Clare Allerton.

Gender pay gap reporting for the public sector

31 March 2017