Survey analysis

Expert interpretation of HR and employer survey results, on topics ranging from pay and benefits to training and development.

Articles within this tool:

  • Set out the main findings and key data from the survey.
  • Explain the implications for employers of the survey findings.

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My team have been using XpertHR for a number of years now and we find this a valuable resource, both to help with the resolution of everyday issues and to inform longer-term decision-making and policy development. I would certainly recommend it to potential users.

Monica Green, HR director, East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

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XpertHR research surveys cover all aspects of HR practice. Our survey programme includes a mix of annual surveys on key HR metrics (eg absence, labour turnover, benefits and allowances, etc) and timely surveys on topics where HR practice changes more gradually. Each survey is open to all UK HR professionals with practical experience of the topic covered by that survey.

XpertHR surveys tells you more about our research programme and allows you to register to be notified when a new survey is launched.

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