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How employers manage relationships with employment agencies: the 2012 XpertHR survey

The latest XpertHR research on agency workers examines the quality of the working relationship between agency and hiring organisation, and employers' opinions on employment agencies' value for money.

Key points

  • At three employers in four (75.8%), the relationship between agency and employer has stayed the same since the introduction of the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 in October 2011, but in 15.4% of cases it has improved slightly.
  • The majority (54.4%) of employers believe that the services provided by their employment agencies represent value for money.
  • Most hiring organisations plan ahead and supply information about a temp's entitlement to "basic working and employment conditions" (after a 12-week qualifying period) in advance of the temporary worker's assignment. This is the case in more than half (57%) of the organisations polled.