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Survey: Leadership development trends 2008

This survey looks at what leadership development means at 74 different organisations - how it is planned and implemented and which employees are included; it also identifies some key challenges and learning points.

On this page:
Leadership development challenge
Our research
Strategic thinking behind leadership development
Engaging participants
Frequency and scope of delivery
Chart 1: How leadership development works
Who participates in leadership development programmes?
Chart 2: Scope of leadership development
Assessing candidates
Encouraging women as leaders
Encouraging ethnic minority group leaders
Training days
Development methods
What works best?
Recognition of achievement
Skills and competencies for leadership
Getting results from leadership development
Evaluating leadership development
Key challenges: resistance from leaders
Key challenges: application of learning
Learning and development budgets
Training spend per employee
Budget trends
Chart 3: Training budgets - trends at last review
Chart 4: Training budgets - expected trends at next review
Box 1: Learning points - getting the most from leadership development
Box 2: Assessment methods for leadership development at 17 organisations
Table 1: Linking leadership development to organisational strategy
Table 2: Scope of leadership development at 60 organisations
Table 3: Average number of employee training days per year
Table 4: Leadership development methods used
Table 5: Most effective leadership development methods
Table 6: Relevance of leadership skills and competencies
Table 7: Focus on six organisations with high success rates
Table 8: Summary of 2008 annual budgets allocated to learning and development
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