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Podcast: Key employment cases for 2020

Which employment cases will have the biggest impact on HR in 2020? We assess the likely impact on employers of upcoming cases on: the national minimum wage, data protection, age discrimination, collective bargaining, and TUPE.

The 2020 cases that we discuss pose the following questions:

  • Are sleep-in care workers entitled to the national minimum wage while asleep?
  • Can an employer be vicariously liable for the actions of a rogue employee who publishes the personal data of co-employees online?
  • Is a public-sector employer looking to cut costs able to use the "absence of financial means" to justify a discriminatory pay policy?
  • Are employers permitted to make direct pay offers to employees "over the heads of the union" when collective bargaining breaks down?
  • Does TUPE protection extend beyond employees to cover gig economy workers?