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  • How to follow a total reward approach

    Practical guidance on adopting a total reward approach, with components including pay and other compensation, benefits, work-life balance, work environment and career and development.

  • How to conduct a pay review

    Practical guidance on conducting a pay review (also known as a pay settlement or award), including negotiating with a trade union; gathering pay data; market rates; measuring inflation using the RPI or CPI; performance-based awards; and pay freezes.

  • How to develop a reward strategy

    Practical guidance on developing a reward strategy, including using total reward; incentives and bonus schemes; and employee benefits.

  • How to implement and manage a discretionary bonus scheme

    Practical guidance on implementing and managing a discretionary bonus scheme as part of the organisation's reward strategy, including setting key performance conditions.

  • How to change the pay method for employees

    Practical guidance on changing the pay method for employees, setting out how to vary the terms of the employment contract, including harmonisation following a TUPE transfer; consulting with employees; and dismissal and re-engagement.

  • How to deal with overpayments made to employees

    Practical guidance on dealing with overpayments made to employees, including deductions from wages; civil proceedings for restitution; estoppel by representation; and change of position.

  • How to recoup training costs from an employee who leaves

    Practical guidance on recouping training costs from an employee who leaves, including obtaining express written agreement in advance; a sliding scale for recovery; and deductions from wages.

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Practical step-by-step advice on how to manage workplace situations relating to pay and benefits.