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Sheila Attwood Editor's message: In setting pay rates for their employees, organisations will need to balance their ability to pay with the salaries being offered for similar roles elsewhere.

Salary surveys allow employers to benchmark their employees' pay against the salaries and other elements of reward on offer in a range of other organisations. XpertHR runs a range of salary surveys covering key industries and occupations to help you set pay rates. These include the market-leading Technology Salary Survey and the Managers and Professionals Salary Survey. You can see the full list and access any surveys that you subscribe to on the Salary Surveys home page. Find out how to subscribe and take part if you are not already a participant, or try using our sample survey to see how it all works.

When setting pay rates, you will also want to take account of recent pay settlements (see Pay and benefits > Pay levels and awards > Pay awards/rises).

Sheila Attwood, managing editor, pay and HR practice

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