Rocio Carracedo Lopez

Editor's message: Employment laws vary significantly from country to country. This presents a complex challenge for employers that operate in multiple jurisdictions, especially as legislation is always changing and breaches of the law can have serious repercussions.

XpertHR International has 45 country guides that contain information on the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to termination of employment. They are reviewed and updated by local experts.

As employers are required to take emergency measures to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have included information on, for example wage support schemes, remote working, alternatives to redundancies and vaccinations.

We are also in the process of expanding our “future development” section in each of our country guides to include information on recently enacted legislation. This new feature outlines significant future developments that have impacted employment law in that country in the past few months.

Rocio Carracedo Lopez, international employment law editor

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The Guide for global employers provides an overview of the main issues facing employers with staff in more than one country, while the individual country guides provide employment law guidance at national level.