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    How can an employer ensure that its application forms are not discriminatory?

  • Date:
    1 September 1999
    Law reports

    Company caught out by spoof application

    A textile company which offered a trial to a fictitious applicant purporting to be a white person, whilst not even replying to an Asian applicant with greater experience, unlawfully discriminated on grounds of race, holds a Leeds employment tribunal (Chair: J M Q Hepworth) in Hussain v Alfred Brown (Worsted Mills) Ltd.

  • Date:
    1 March 1998
    Law reports

    Asian rejected, fictitious white applicant accepted

    An Asian male who submitted two job applications, one in his name and the other in the name of a white female possessing similar qualifications, was unlawfully discriminated against on grounds of race and sex when he was rejected but the fictitious applicant was called for an interview, rules a Leeds industrial tribunal (Chair: A J Simpson) in Hussain v (1) Harrison and (2) CD Bramall (Bradford) Ltd.

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