Race discrimination

Fiona Cuming

Editor's message: Workers are protected from race discrimination at all stages of employment, including after the employment relationship has ended if the prohibited conduct arises out of and is closely connected to that relationship.

However, the Government is aware that more work needs to be done to ensure progression for all ethnic groups in the workplace. The Government considers that "transparency is a vital first step" and, with this in mind, it is exploring mandatory ethnicity pay reporting by employers. A few organisations are ahead of the game and are already reporting their ethnicity pay gap.

At the same time, the Government has launched the Race at Work Charter. The Charter commits businesses that sign up to it to key principles and actions that the Government says are designed to transform the recruitment and progression of ethnic minority employees. A number of large businesses are signatories.

With this ongoing push to tackle race disparity, it is important that organisations check that they have implemented, and continue to promote, clear and robust diversity policies and practices that cover every stage of the employment cycle.

Fiona Cuming, employment law editor

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